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We are an airway orthodontic practice, meaning that we combine beautiful smiles with increased airway space. The goal is more than straight beautiful smiles. While straightening the teeth we work to increase tongue space and increase airway size. With proper planning our patients achieve the best smile and the best airway leading to the healthiest life possible.

What is orthodontics?

For most people, a beautiful smile is the most obvious benefit of orthodontics. However, orthodontic treatment can improve your health and prevent future issues from occurring. Orthodontic appliances can be made of metal, ceramic, or plastic. They may be removable, or they may be brackets bonded to the teeth. By placing a constant, gentle force in a carefully controlled direction, braces slowly move teeth to a corrected position. This is a great time to wear braces! Gone are the days when a metal band with a bracket was placed around each tooth. You can choose brackets that are clear or metallic color. You can choose the color of the ties that hold the wire in the brackets to be bright and colorful or discreet. Wires are also less noticeable than they used to be, and latest materials move teeth faster with less discomfort to patients. If you chose to complete treatment with clear aligners they are practically invisible so there is no reason to feel self-conscious. With braces you will need to be more aware of the foods you are eating to not cause damage but with clear aligners you will remove them before you eat so you can still enjoy all the foods you normally would.

How soon should my child be seen by an orthodontist?
As recommended by the American Association of Orthodontists, it is important that children receive an orthodontic evaluation by age 7, when they have both baby and permanent teeth. Dr. Smith is our orthodontist, and he has extensive knowledge in the development of craniofacial growth patterns. He can easily identify problems with the jaw and teeth to correct them in the early stages, which saves you time and money. After examination, Dr. Smith can correct the problems of crowding, cross bites, and malocclusion of lower and upper jaws generally in 6 – 18 months, which is less time than it would take during teen years. Dr. Smith completes early correction with a different appliance than most orthodontist. Most orthodontist reduce crowding with a bulky appliance called a palatal exander. Dr. Smith completed expansion with ALF (Advanced Lightwire Functionals). Alf is a non-traditional orthodontic treatment method that uses principles of cranial osteopathy. Dr. Smith has been trained in this method of palatal expansion by Darick Nordstrom, DDS, the inventor of ALF. ALF is not just a wire.  It is not just about structure, airway or osteopathy.  ALF Therapy is an opportunity for improved function and an increased quality of life.

To learn more about ALF Therapy please refer to: 

Kids Snoring
Even though the AAO recommends an orthodontic consultation by age 7 your child should be seen as early as age 3 if they are a noisy sleeper. Your child should not snore or make noise while asleep. When your child sleeps they should be silent. If your child snores or makes noise please come for a consultation for more information.

Patient with metal braces
Patient with ceramic braces
Young patient with braces

Payment Options

We accept insurance and we offer interest-free, in-house financing for our orthodontic patients. Our services always include retention to ensure your beautiful smile for a lifetime! We are in network with Humana, Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Delta Dental, Dentemax, Metlife, Ameritas, Tricare dental, United Concordia, and GEHA.

Is it too late for me to get braces?

Orthodontic treatment is not just for children. We have many adults undergoing orthodontic treatment. It is never to late to boost your self-esteem! Not only can it improve your self-esteem but treatment can improve your oral hygiene and over all health. Also, with new technology it is possible to straighten your teeth with a less visible appearance than traditional braces. At Savannah Dental Specialties we offer ceramic brackets and clear aligners.​

Patient after orthodontic treatment
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