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Our Office

When we designed our office, we wanted it to be a space and an environment we would enjoy.
We knew that if we made it comfortable and relaxing for us then you, as our patient, would enjoy it as well! Our staff is just as inviting and warm as the environment.

That is because we are blessed to work in a profession we are passionate about with an unbeatable team!
The synergy within the office is noticeable as soon as you walk in the door because every team member has traits and skills that are individual and exceptional and they will work hard for you.

One thing we really pride ourselves on is staying up to date on the latest technology and making treatment as effective, hassle free and as comfortable as we possibly can for our patients. Some of the new technology you will see in our office is an intraoral 3D scanner, a high intensity laser, and a CBCT imaging machine. 

Intraoral Scanner
We take pride in staying up to date with new technology. We use our radiation free intraoral scanner every day! This scanner captures a 3D replica of your teeth. This means you will not have an alginate impression. An alginate impression is like a gooey Play-Doh. It has to stay in the mouth for about a minute until the alginate turns to a rubber consistency which tends to be hard for a patient to sit through. It is also not a fail-proof method and may need to be retaken. The intraoral scanner is just a camera that slides around the surfaces of your teeth. While scanning your teeth it can be stopped and restarted at any time throughout. It is also an exact replica of your teeth which makes it correct on the first scan every time! Since the scan is an exact replica, your appliance will have a better fit than that of an alginate impression.

Low Level Light Therapy
Low Level Light Therapy or Red Light Therapy is a revolutionary new pain relief treatment that uses the most advanced medical technology available today. This treatment doesn’t just mask the injury, but it actually helps heal it! The best part is this procedure is pain free. Throughout treatment the laser assists in reducing inflammation, increasing blood flow and stimulates tissue growth.
Our biggest success story so far is actually Dr. Smith’s son, Jackson. He had a terrible accident that severed the tendon in his toe and he had to have surgery. His doctor told him he could start physical therapy to begin walking again in four weeks. However, Jackson used the high intensity laser every day and was walking by the time he went in for his two-week follow-up appointment!

We are pleased to announce that our office utilizes a Carestream CS9300.  This machines technology brings new possibilities for treatment planning and maximizes the safety of our imaging procedures. This unit complies with the best practices in medicine and dentistry by following the American Dental Association's ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) radiation principle to minimize the effective radiation dose to our patients. The unique features of this unit allow us to choose what area of the teeth and/or facial anatomy we need to capture, which significantly reduces any unnecessary exposure. Our staff can also adjust the unit's settings, allowing us to capture only the details we need. These specific radiographs allow Dr. Smith to evaluate airway size, anatomy for orthodontics and diagnose any underlying issues. 

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